Amsterdam Cafe and Pub

Amsterdam Cafe and Pub

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With a patio overlooking the Village Square, the Amsterdam is the place to see and be seen. Whether chillin’ on the patio after a day on the hill, or having drinks and snacks before the bar, the Amsterdam is the perfect hangout. Come in by yourself or with your buddies, there’s always someone lookin’ to have some fun. Tunes are blasting from the massive sound system all day. Located in an old European pop-style setting, the Amsterdam offers mom’s home-style cooking with old favorites such as Shepard’s Pie. Breakfast is served from 11am to 3pm but our menu also includes ‘breakfast anytime’ plates. From snacks to full meal we have it all: soups, salads,burgers, pizzas, pastas… and delicious sweets! You don’t need an excuse to enjoy the unique atmosphere, which begins as soon as the doors open and ends in the early hours of the morning.


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